• Captain Scott Kelly
  • Tiffany Shlain
  • George Takei
  • Elliott Masie
  • VR Learn
  • Richard Culatta
  • Learning Systems

Learning Design & Formats:

Learning 2016 Design is Centered On:

  • Learning Engagement
  • Learning Personalization
  • Learning Diversity
  • Learning Collaboration
  • Learning from Peers
  • Learning from Outside the Learning Field
  • Learning about Cutting Edge Innovations


Here are the formats that we use at MASIE Learning events. As our Design evolves in the months ahead, we may add to and refine these learning formats for our learning colleagues at Learning 2016.

  • General Sessions: Six fast moving sessions, led by Elliott Masie, with interviews and stories from major keynote speakers, including Scott Kelly, Tiffany Shlain, George Takei, Richard Culatta, Nigel Paine, and many more.
  • Learning Stories: Stories about learning interventions/innovations - with context and focus.
  • 39 Ideas: Rapid-fire brainstorming sessions where 39 ideas are generated to solve single problems. All lists will be shared with Learning 2016 participants.
  • How-To’s: Step-by-step processes used to implement learning approaches, shared for others to use or adapt. 
  • Learning Autopsies: Honest and deep dives into why learning interventions/innovations failed or resulted in unanticipated outcomes.
  • Let’s Dialogue About Sessions: Facilitated group discussions about learning challenges, issues, or opportunities.
  • Author/Analyst Talks: Interactive presentations by or interviews with authors/analysts about their books or industry-wide trends.
  • Learning Labs/Workouts: Opportunities for participants to try their hands at new methods/techniques, whether individually or in small groups.
  • Supplier Showcases: Presentations by and dialogues with learning providers in branded Supplier Session rooms.
  • MeetUps: Your learning needs often surface in “Real Time”. MeetUps will be organized on the spot at Learning 2016.
  • Experiences: And many active learning experiences that we will add to our Design in the coming months.

A Note About Learning 2016 Content: Our design model is to provide several updates on sessions and schedules in the months leading up to Learning 2016. You will have a complete online version of our Learning 2016 Program Guide by mid-September.